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Produced in Italy, who know a thing or two about hot temperature and managing the Summer heat.

Elegant design, hand woven Guatemalan fabric.

Designed to cup the shoulder and spread naturally over the back, keeping baby secure and close to your center of gravity.

Wearing tips Success with any baby sling takes a little practice.
Once you have mastered the ring sling, this will probably be your collection for the whole birth to preschool collection.

Instructions - vids to follow soon
How to set it up
How to carry a newborn baby
How to carry a toddler


Ring slings are a lovely option for newborns, babies who want to constantly be on your hip, and toddlers whose legs get tired and want a quick 'up'.


Fabric composition: 60% cotton 40% bamboo

Fabric weight: 230/m2

Shoulder: Gathered

Length: 2m

Manufacture: Made in EU, 2017

Washing: 30 degrees, non-bio, no fabric conditioner, no tumble drying.  Tie some thick sports socks around the metal rings to prevent serious noise in a washing machine!!

Child weight range:  8 - 44lb or 3.5 - 20kg

Wearer size:  One size fits nearly all!  The 'tail' of a ring sling might be longer on more petite wearers but is easy to tuck up to prevent tripping. This ring sling (like most) has 2 meters of fabric. 


Typical carries: Front facing you, Off-centred, Hip.   Other carrying positions are possible too (but additional 1:1 support is recommended).

Follow the Carrying Matters Ring Sling Photo Tutorial or this great video tutorial from GP Dr Rosie Knowles (who also runs Carrying Matters and Sheffield Sling Library) and Sling Consultant Lucy Graney.